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Hello TEAM!
Welcome to the Adorned Women Writers Forum, a gift from us to you as we set out to see the global church living by the Spirit, unified under Christ. Here’s the fun part—all of you together are a glimpse of that global church, and the unity we want to spark in the world can start right here with you! That’s really the heart behind this forum, and it’s my sincere hope that this becomes a space where you can find genuine connections, support, encouragement, and opportunities for growth among like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ.
So, here’s the thing. Teresa and I learned about each of you during the interview process, so we know how amazing you all are, but you don’t all know each other yet. How can you be a team if you don’t know each other?? We want you to be comfortable with this group, whether you’re sharing advice and encouragement, asking for help, or simply enjoying a state of belonging. So, I have a little request for you. I would love for each of you to share, in a response to this post, 1) what inspires you, and 2) what your relationship with Christ means to you. Just those two things. That way, each of you will get to enjoy starting to learn about each of your fellow writers—I know I've enjoyed it.
Sound good? Okay! That’s all I’ve got for now—I’ll let Teresa introduce all the features of this site, and in the meantime, have fun posting!
Posted : 29/12/2021 6:32 pm
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Alicia!  I am so thankful to be part of the Adorned Christian Women team.

To answer your questions, what inspires me are stories of underdogs who somehow defy the odds against them.  As for what my relationship with Christ means to me, I think the best answer for my life would be finding hope.  Hope found in Christ, hope found in His love.

I look forward to hearing everyone else's answers!

Posted : 11/02/2022 9:46 pm

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