Books I’ve Edited


Christian Books

Liz Bradford

Not Alone by Liz Bradford
Pursued by Liz Bradford
On Your Knees by Liz Bradford
A Shot at Redemption by Liz Bradford
Liz Bradford's Giants Fall
Liz Bradford's Into the Flames
Liz Bradford's Under Fire
Liz Bradford's Revenge Ignited
Liz Bradford 's Too Late

Terry Garner

Angeline Lawrence

Garners Magi Series
Lawrence's Positioned for Power

Jonathan Ammon

Chavos Buycks

Cleveland Lynch

Jonathan Ammon's Balaam's God
Chavos Buycks' Dear Woman
Lynch's Conversation with Dad

Isabel Perez-McCoy

Isabel Perez four books

Carl Hiltz

JH Cardy

Alicia Cardy

Carl Hiltz's The Cosmic Junta
JH Cardy 365 Christian Men
Alicia Cardy Walk in his ways

Arthur Garrison

Charlotte Baker

Cynthia Chenault

Emily Gardner Foppe

Lord, Help My Unbelief by Arthur Garrison
The Extreme Jezebel by Charlotte Baker
Prophetic healing teaching manual by Charlotte Baker
The Second Job by Cynthia Chenault
Emily Gardner Foppe Invite Jesus

Deb Moken

Fountain Hendricks

Lloyd Nsek

Nancy Tan

moken_what if the cross changed everything
Fountain Hendricks_Becoming Holy
Christianity by Lloyd Nsek
Joyful Abiding by Nancy Tan

Raena Rood

Toni Babbcock

Patricia Robertson

Amanda Lee

Subversive by Raena Rood
Stone Writer by Toni Babbcock
Lyrical Dance by Patricia Robertson
I am rooted by Amanda Lee

Other Books

Pam Sievers

Terri Powers

Alex Bell

Amy Sevan

Carrie's Quest by Pam Sievers
Flashback to the Mosquito by Terri Powers
Pearl by Olive Lilywhite
Pledge of Ashes by Amy Sevan

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