Rosemarie Aquilina

Triple Cross Killer is gripping and compelling from start to finish, a classic detective tale with some unconventional twists.”

~Molly Bloom

Author, Molly’s Game

A Spellbinding Thriller

Have you ever wondered what really happens to Santa Claus letters? One day when things go horribly awry in Detroit and Sarasota, some children’s letters are hijacked by Nick Archer, a religiously obsessed, narcissist, who takes his private interpretation of the moral law into his own creepy hands and leaves a trail of devastation in the two cities.

In Detroit, co-ed partners and wise-cracking lovers, Detectives Jaq McSween and David Maxwell, team up with Sarasota Detectives Abel Mendoza and his partner, Rabbit, to find this daunting killer.

When Jaq’s friend, the lovely nurse, Rita Rose, takes a chance on love again, she gets caught in Nick’s web. Working with the ME, she adds her expertise to the investigation until events take a sinister turn.

Can this diverse team of characters pool their insights, skills, and taste for bad food to save Rita when she discovers the final clues, or will she become the next victim?

About Rosemarie

Rosemarie Aquilina introduces the State Detective Special Forces Series and thriller “Triple Cross Killer,”  She was elected to the 30th Circuit Court for Ingham County in Lansing Michigan in 2008, sfter serving as a 55th District Court Judge for 4 years. During this time she served as Chief Judge as well as the Sobriety Court Judge.

Major Aquilina served and retired Honorably in the Michigan Army National Guard after twenty years where she became part of Michigan’s history by becoming the first female JAG Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard.

Judge Aquilina began her legal career working as the Administrative Assistant to State Senator John F. Kelly for ten years. Thereafter she became a successful lobbyist. As her law firm grew, she hosted a radio show “Ask the Family Lawyer” that became

Judge Aquilina received the Michigan State University College of Law Student Bar Association Adjunct Faculty Award for exceptional teaching. Judge Aquilina earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1984 and her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Michigan State University in 1979. She has five children and one grandchild and resides in East Lansing, Michigan.



“…a pulsating, wonderful thriller with a strong sense of authenticity that moves at a crackerjack pace…”

~Leopoldo Gout

Director, Producer

Author of Genius: The Game

Co-author with James Patterson of Daniel X: Alien Hunter: a Graphic Novel


A Charming Villain

Triple Cross Killer is a smart, fast-paced thriller that kept me spellbound from beginning to end. The charming villain with his meticulous manner looks good in a pilot’s uniform. Why wouldn’t an intelligent, beautiful woman fall for him? But the author lets readers into the killer’s dark side and the activities he does for the benefit of humanity–so we know Rita Rose is in trouble.

–Teresa Crumpton

Crackerjack Pace

[This is] “…a pulsating, wonderful thriller with a strong sense of authenticity that moves at a crackerjack pace…”

–Leopoldo Gout, co-author of  Daniel X: Alien Hunter: A Graphic Novel with James Patterson (Author),‎ Klaus Lyngeled (Illustrator),‎ Joe Girin (Illustrator),‎ Joseph McLamb (Illustrator]

Mesmerizing Tale of Murder & Mayhem

“Triple Cross Killer … is a powerful, tale of murder and mayhem set in Detroit and Sarasota,…It’s a highly entertaining, fast-paced crime novel that’s not a whodunit – the murderer, Nick Archer, is identified in the first sentence. What’s intriguing is the twisted religious motive of the clever, deceptive killer and how he masterminds his deadly efforts.

~Ray Walsh, owner of East Lansing Curious Book Shop, for the Lansing State Journal



























About AuthorSpark


“Teresa Crumpton is an outstanding editor whose knowledge, training, and suggestions helped me elevate my writing to a marketable level. I was signed by an international agent who sold not only my thriller, which debuted December 2017, but the entire series.”

~Rosemarie Aquilina

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