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Mission Vision

Mission Vision

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.Those who dwelt in the land of deep darkness, upon them has the light shined.   ISAIAH 9:2 Those shepherds were lucky. They saw something! There they were, out in the fields, watching over their flocks; it was...

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3 Reasons Why You Need the Novel Analysis Worksheet

Are your key scenes in order?Use the Worksheet to Ensure Your Key Scenes are There and in Order The worksheet sets out—in order—the key scenes that appear in most commercial stories—novels or screenplays. In the middle column, descriptions and examples are provided....

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Building Your World in Your First Line

by Jonathan Ammon When we’re leaving a bookstore, my wife Tatiana and I like to play a game: we go through our bag of purchases, and we read aloud the first line from each of the new books. Whoever has the book with the agreed-upon best first line wins. Our game puts...

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