Editor Teresa Crumpton has the global eye for the big picture—what works and what doesn’t work. She also has the eagle eye for detail so necessary in the final polishing stage before submission. Without fail, her valuable comments and suggestions are offered with skill, encouragement, honesty, and compassion.

Edith M. Hemingway, MFA in Writing
Author of Road to Tater Hill
Delacorte Press
Winner of 2009 Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Working one-on-one with a professional editor can be expensive, but as a retired English teacher, I’m familiar with the expertise needed for editing, not just proofreading. Teresa pinpoints my weaknesses such as structure and precise wording. I’ve published “Lugging Heavy Buckets” in TJCTE , “The Other Biggest Lake” in Messages From the Mitten , “Grudge Match” and “Making Beauty” in the MacGuffin.
Teresa teaches techniques for making good writing great and personalizes them so you can use them in your next work.
Marti Dodge
“Grudge Match”
“Making Beauty”
The MacGuffin Literary Magazine

Teresa taught me scene sequencing, conflict building, POV, and much more. Her enthusiasm for my writing brought me back to the joy of fiction. She has the ability to focus on the larger story, character traits, and building to a fantastic climax. Her imagination is out of this world. Based on the first two books, I got a three-book contract. I can thank Teresa for getting me this far.
I’ve recommended her to other writers looking for a way out of the blues, writers who get bogged down and need a new perspective.  I think she’s the greatest.
Karen Dean Benson
Author of Devil’s Grace: Renn Arelia’s Story (Ladies of Mischief Book)
Satin Romance, 2016
Mission Song: Chenoa’s Story  (Ladies of Mischief Book 2)
Satin Romance, 2016

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